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M.C. VanKampen was founded in West Michigan in 1972 by its owner Marvin C. VanKampen. Serving the West Michigan market for over 30 years, M.C. VanKampen Trucking has proven itself to their customers as a leader in transporting furniture and fresh and frozen foods. With a “best in class fleet” M.C. VanKampen has surpassed customer expectations for consistent on-time damage free delivery over the years.

 M.C. VanKampen was the first trucking company to use flat floor refrigerated trailers with logistics. This pioneering move allowed M.C. VanKampen to form a special niche with the West Michigan furniture manufactures, hauling furniture outbound and returning with produce.

 M.C. VanKampen covers 75% of the country excluding the East Coast. Some of our main destinations are: California, Arizona, Washington, Idaho, Utah, Texas, Georgia, Alabama, Florida, North Carolina and Ohio.